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An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind~Gandhi
The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Taking Woodstock

For all the lovers of all things hippies, 1960s and retro, this is a movie to watch!!!
-Elliott Teichberg is helping his parents with their run down Catskills resort, the El Monaco. When a permit is pulled for the upcoming Woodstock Arts and Music Fair from nearby Wallkill, Elliott takes a chance and uses his parents' resort to host the upcoming festival and set in motion the era-defining concert of 1969, despite the hostility from the townspeople

-Henry Goodman: Jake Teichberg
-Edward Hibbert: British gentleman
-Imelda Staunton: Sonia Teichberg
-Demetri Martin: Elliott Teichberg
-Kevin Chamberlin: Jackson Spiers
-Emile Hirsch: Billy
-Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Dan
-Eugene Levy: Max Yasgur
-Jonathan Groff: Michael Lang
-Mamie Gummer: Tisha
-Kevin Sussman: Stan
-Live Schreiber: Vilma

Did You Know?
-The cost for a ticket to the Woodstock Arts and Music Fair was $18 in advance, $24 for all three days
-Towards the end of the film, where Elliott and Michael are overlooking the land, Michael says he's going to San Francisco to launch the ultimate free concert-The Rolling Stones. He is referencing the 1969 Altamont concert. This "free" concert was described as the death of the hippie era because four people died, one was murdered, the other three by natural causes or accidents
-This is only the second film to have Liev Schreiber dressing as a woman. His first film in drag was the 1994 film Mixed Nuts
-The motorcycle Michael rides is a BSA 441cc Victor. This was one of the many models made by the Birmingham Small Arms company, which made weapons during WWII and is based in Small Heath, Birmingham, England

2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Snubs

Once again, the ROR HOF nomination process is upon us. Up for nominations this year into this ridiculous institution include: Dire Straits, Judas Priest and more. I forgot who else, those two are two I remember right off the top. Here are some of the bands who SHOULD be in there. Bands who have been snubbed from this institution


Jethro Tull
Def Leppard
Iron Maiden


King Crimson


Nine Inch Nails
Warren Zevon
Roxy Music
The Cure

The Wolverine

This is a stand alone film, separate from the X-Men movies. This one centers around Wolverine, thus the title.
-After surviving the Nagasaki blast as a prisoner of war, Logan is vulnerable for the first time as he travels through modern day Japan to meet someone from his past, a Japanese officer he saved from the blast

-Hugh Jackman: Logan
-Tao Okamoto: Mariko
-Rila Fukushima: Yukio
-Hiroyuki Sanada: Shingen
-Svetlana Khodchenkova: Viper
-Brian Tee: Noburo
-Hal Yamanouchi: Yashida
-Will Yun Lee: Harada
-Ken Yamamura: Young Yashida
-Famke Janssen: Jean Grey

Did You Know?
-When Yashida was young, he gave Wolverine a katana sword with six Kanji symbols on it, which translates into "Never Died, Never Aged, Never Destroyed", which references Wolverine's ability to heal
-Hugh Jackman wanted to look as muscular as possible for his shirtless scenes. He resorted to a dehydration diet, common in bodybuilders. This involved him not consuming any liquid for 36 hours before filming any shirtless scenes. Despite feeling faint with headaches, he said he was satisfied with the results as it gave him the tight, hard muscled look he wanted
-The film was released in mid-September in Japan. This luckily avoided any issues with the August anniversaries of the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima
-Mariko repeatedly mentions nightmares involving a "kuzuri". This is the Japanese word for "wolverine"
-In the comics, Yukio was known for short black hair and black leather clothing. In the film, however, Yukio has long red hair and has clothing and an appearance inspired by Generation X and Japanese anime
-Rila Fukushima, who plays Yukio, spent a month training in swordplay for the film
-Almost the entire cast of the film is Japanese


This is the most recent, probably last installment of the X-Men series.
-Logan is caring for an ailing Professor X while attempting to hide from the world. His attempts at hiding are hampered by a young mutant on the run who bears all too many similarities to him who wants to get to a safe place in North Dakota

-Hugh Jackman: Logan/X-24
-Patrick Stewart: Professor Charles Xavier
-Dafne Keen: Laura
-Boyd Holbrook: Pierce
-Stephen Merchant: Caliban
-Elizabeth Rodriguez: Gabriela
-Richard E. Grant: Dr. Rice
-Eriq La Salle: Will Munson
-Elise Neal: Kathryn Munson
-Quincy Fouse: Nate Munson

Did You Know?
-In order to look elderly and sick, Sir Patrick Stewart had to lose 21 pounds. He had never deliberately lost weight for a role before. Hugh Jackman also held him genuinely in all the scenes of Wolverine carrying Professor X

-During the scene where Laura and Charles are watching the film Shane, he mentions that was a film he remembered seeing as a child. This was improvised because the film was one of the first memories he had during his childhood at the theatre
-Hugh Jackman had stated in interviews that he learned his American accent from copying Johnny Depp
-During Professor X's seizure episodes, Hugh Jackman didn't act as if being pushed away. He was held back by a rope pulled by two men to give a realistic impression of being restrained
-Out of all the X-Men movies featuring Wolverine, Hugh Jackman said this was the hardest he has ever trained for a film
-For scenes where Logan was shirtless, Hugh Jackman went through a 48 hour period of dehydration to look emaciated. He does not recommend doing this and he used the same concept for his role as prisoner Jean Valjean in Les Miserables
-During the first half of the movie, when Logan is shown driving a limo, his name is displayed as James Howlett. This was the birth name of Wolverine in the X-Men comics and was also used in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
-When Nate is seen in his room and Laura comes in, deathcore posters can be seen dotting the walls. Deathcore is a sub-genre of heavy metal that combines death metal and hardcore metal. Ironically, he is seen listening to rap/pop music on his phone. The bands on the wall include All Shall Perish, Dr. Acula and Suicide Silence
-This was the last film for Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine. He said that because of a touch of skin cancer and his age that he would retire from the role
-In one of the X-Men comics, "Old Man Logan", Mysterio tricks Logan in to killing the X-Men while in the movie, Professor X kills the X-Men through one of his seizures
-In the comic "Death of Wolverine", it's suggested that the adamantium in his skeleton contains radiation from the Nagasaki bombing. In the film, it's suggested he is being slowly poisoned by unknown reasons, possibly the skeleton in his body
-Hugh Jackman did double duty, playing both Logan and X-24. This references the first X-Men movie where Mystique transforms into Wolverine

Monday, November 6, 2017

November birthdays

Since it's November, time to say Happy Birthday

Jonny Lee Miller
-Birth name: Jonathan Lee Miller
-DOB: 11/15/1972
-Where: Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, England
-In the 1998 film Ever After: A Cinderella Story, he was offered the role of Prince Henry
Rick Allen
-Birth name: Richard John Cyril Allen
-DOB: 11/1/1963
-Where: Sheffield, England
-Lost his arm in a car crash
Tommy Thayer
-Birth name: Thomas Cunningham Thayer
-DOB: 11/7/1960
-Where: Portland, Oregon
-Started in an 80s band called Black N' Blue
Billy Idol
-Birth name: William Michael Albert Broad
-DOB: 11/30/1955
-Where: Middlesex, England
-Got his name "Idol" from being told in school he was "idle" and simply changing the spelling
Natasha Bedingfield
-Birth name: Natasha Anne Bedingfield
-DOB: 11/26/1981
-Where: Haywards Heath, Sussex, England
-Studied psychology in college

Monday, October 30, 2017

For all you "Up the Irons" fans...

Bruce Dickinson is hinting at a new solo album and a new album by Maiden!!!!!!!!! Which means one thing: WORLD TOUR!!!!!!
The singer known worldwide as The Air Raid Siren had hinted at the idea of a new solo album and more music from Iron Maiden when he was in London promoting his yet to be released autobiography, What Does This Button Do?

When asked by fans how the legendary British heavy metal band from the East End had managed to outlive most other metal bands, he compared the band to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. "The porridge has to be just right. We’re fragile little organisms, really. Even though we have loads of trucks and make lots of noise and things like that, the relationships in the band are quite fragile."

He further explained that "We're all born of the same mothership, which is Iron Maiden, and our loyalty is primarily to Maiden and probably then to each others. Which makes life really kind of easy in terms of getting on with your fellow bandmates because you give everybody space. ‘Cause we realize that we're all there together to do the same thing – which is to deliver an amazing Iron Maiden show or an amazing Iron Maiden record, or do whatever it takes to do that. So that's the secret."

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October birthdays

Since it's October, time to say Happy Birthday!

Julie Andrews
-Birth name: Julia Elizabeth Wells
-DOB: 10/1/1935
-Where: Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England
-She is known for playing regal-type roles because of her regal mannerisms and behavior
-Birth name: Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner
-DOB: 10/2/1951
-Where: Wallsend, Newcastle, England
-His father Ernest was a milkman and his mother Audrey was a hairdresser
Tommy Lee
-Birth name: Thomas Lee Bass
-DOB: 10/3/1962
-Where: Athens, Greece
-His mother was the 1957 Miss Greece
Kate Winslet
-Birth name: Kate Elizabeth Winslet
-DOB: 10/5/1975
-Where: Reading, Berkshire, England
-Has a younger brother named Joss Winslet
Parminder Nagra
-Birth name: Parminder Kaur Nagra
-DOB: 10/5/1975
-Where: Leicester, Leicestershre, England
-Is fluent in Punjabi
Brian Johnson
-Birth name: Brian Francis Johnson
-DOB: 10/5/1947
-Where: Dunston, England
-Was originally in a band called Geordie before joining AC/DC
Glenn Tipton
-Birth name: Glenn Raymond Tipton
-DOB: 10/25/1947
-Where: Blackheath, England
-His inspiration for going into music include Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin
Ioan Gruffudd
-DOB: 10/6/1973
-Where: Cardiff, Wales
-Has been an accomplished singer since the age of 13
Hiroyuki Sanada
-DOB: 10/12/1960
-Where: Tokyo, Japan
-His first role was in the 1978 film The Shogun's Samurai
John Lennon
-Birth name: John Winston Lennon
-DOB: 10/9/1940
-Where: Liverpool, England
-DOD: 12/8/1980
-Where: New York City, New York (shot in the back)
-His son Julian is a successful musician in his own right
Chris Slade
-DOB: 10/30/1946
-Where: Glamorgan, Wales
-He drummed on AC/DC's 1990 album The Razor's Edge
Hugh Jackman
-Birth name: Hugh Michael Jackman
-DOB: 10/12/1968
-Where: Sydney, Australia
-In his spare time, he plays piano, golf, guitar and goes windsurfing
KK Downing
-Birth name: Kenneth Kevin Downing
-DOB: 10/27/1951
-Where: West Bromwich, England
-Got his nickname "KK" from the fact that early in Judas Priest's career, a girl he met couldn't pronounce his name so she shortened it to KK